Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Your Return on Investment


Every smart homeowner knows that major—or even minor—remodeling projects should be undertaken with one eye on design and the other on the ROI. You want to be comfortable with whatever return on investment you receive for upgrading your home because, unfortunately, many upgrades won’t entirely recoup their cost upon sale. But the use you get out of the home with the upgrade might still make the construction worthwhile, regardless of the ultimate selling price. Here’s the top 10 remodeling projects that provide the best return on investment nationally.

  1. Add fiberglass attic insulation- Cost recouped: 107.7%
  2. Replace your entry door with a steel door- Cost recouped: 90.7%
  3. Install a manufactured stone veneer (instead of vinyl siding)- Cost recouped: 89.4%
  4. Complete a minor kitchen remodel (cost estimate includes new cabinet fronts and hardware, new energy-efficient appliances, laminate countertops, mid-priced sink and faucet, dingy floor replacement and wall paint)- Cost recouped: 80.2%
  5. Replace the garage door- cost recouped: 76.9%
  6. replace the siding- Cost recouped: 76.4%
  7. Add a wood deck- Cost recouped: 71.5%
  8. Add a two-story addition (cost estimate includes adding a family room, bedroom and bathroom)- Cost recouped: 71.1%
  9. Finish the basement- Cost recouped: 70%
  10. Add a family room- Cost recouped: 69.3%
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