Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pre-Sale Renovatons

Pre-Sale Renovations

It's the new year and you maybe looking to sell this year, and if you are here's some renovations to do before selling. These few upgrades will help you sell your home faster. 

 Ž Flooring- Remove outdated carpets and replace them with either laminate, hardwood, or tile flooring. Often buyers are specifically looking for the updated flooring.
 Ž Fixtures and Hardware- Replace all the outdated doorknobs and handles, cabinet hardware, bathroom fixtures, and lighting fixtures. These can date a property and seem as if it has not been maintained. This an easy and fairly inexpensive way to add value to your home.
 Ž Bathrooms- They are considered the second most important room in the house, and is very often worth the money for upgrades. Upgrades can include: new tile, new faucet and hardware, fresh coat of paint, and upgrading cabinets.
 Ž Kitchen- Simple add-ons such as a deluxe faucet, new cabinet hardware, upgraded appliances, new lighting or adding a backsplash can help the appearance and functionality. The kitchen is considered the most valuable room in the house so adding these updates can add value to your home.
 Ž  Add a Suite- Depending on your city, and neighborhood allowance, adding an income suit could add major equity to a home. These can be used for additional income through a tenant, adult children, or housing aging parents. 

h When looking to sell our team can help you get the best value and buyer. Find us at www.MarkCardTeam.com and contact us at (386)566-8091. 

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