Monday, September 2, 2019

Home for the Hurricane

Stay Informed with Local DAYTONA Area Info 

Well, Dorian is on the way.  We're running from here to there picking up those last items, so that we an sit, and wait, and wait. Port Orange Homes  and  Daytona Beach Shores Condo owners have been preparing for Hurricane Dorian.

Here are some apps that may help you stay in the loop along the way.
Daytona  Beach Emergency Management
volusia county emergency management 
Port Orange Emergency Managament 
City of Ormond Beach
Daytona Beach Shores

The surf is rough, it's certainly higher than normal and they've closed beach driving for the duration of the storm.  The wind is picking up and the photos we are seeing out of  the Bahamas are devastating. Stay safe friends.  #daytonadorian #daytonabeachshores #homeforthehurricane

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