Friday, February 8, 2013

Need some tips on selling a home?

Are you looking to sell a home or condo? The competition for selling a home in Port Orange can be stiff, but if you take the time to complete a few tasks around the house, you will close the gap. Recently, we were working on selling a condo in Daytona Beach Shores and the seller asked what he could do to make his unit more attractive to potential buyers. In that case, there were a few simple items that were a huge help. We decluttered every table, and although he thought it was a little bear, experience told us, we needed to create the illusion of S P A C E. Addtionally, we used two colors to accent the furniture and worked to minimize the additional colors in the room. In doing this, we provide the buyer ability to place their own special touches there so they can envision life in this home. Click here for more tips on selling your home or condo faster Visit us at