Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Home of tomorrow

The Home of Tomorrow

The future is now for homeowners, as more and more people are looking to smart devices to improve their everyday living. From thermostats, to fire and carbon monoxide detectors, technology and automation is getting more sophisticated. What’s the current state of smart technology, and where is it going? Here are a few new devices that can make your home a touch smarter.

  •    Laundry folding robot—The Laundroid from Seven Dreamers uses AI to sort and fold your clothes. Place clothes into a drawer at the bottom of the machine, and watch as it folds your wardrobe, along with being able to separate clothes for each family member.
  • Smart refrigerator—LG’s InstaView ThinQ has a touchscreen on the front of the fridge that keeps track of what food or drink you put in and take out. When you’re running low on a certain item, it even reminds you that it’s time to restock.
  • Interactive mirror—Kohler’s Vedera Voice Lighted Mirror has a built-in version of Amazon’s Alexa 
    *     voice assistant, so you can access important information while getting ready in the morning or preparing to go to bed.*   
  •   Intelligent security light—A floodlight with a two-way speaker and motion activated camera, Maximus is perfect for monitoring activity outside of your house. It detects movement up to 70 feet away and relays a message to your smartphone for instant alerts about potential visitors or trespassers.
  • Smart plumbing—Flo is a smart plumbing monitoring system that can tell a homeowner not only about leaks, but also water pressure, temperature and flow rate 

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528 Blake Road, South Daytona FL

The main house was built in 1957 with additions in what is believed to be in 1983 and 2007 making this a 4 bedroom 2 bath house with plenty of room to roam! Wonderful courtyard between the main house and addition as well as a beautiful large shaded fenced backyard with storage shed to match the house. Nice neighborhood close to elementary, parks, shopping, major roads and '' The World's Most Famous Beach"
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019


5 home features THAT MIGHT BE A WASTE OF MONEY  

 When looking for a home, there are always features seemingly everyone says you need. But by reconsidering those, you may save yourself a pretty penny. Here are five features to reconsider, especially if you’re trying to buy a house on a limited budget:

  •  Close access to mass transit. Regular commuters and people who don’t own cars might be vying for homes near public transit systems. But if you won’t be relying exclusively on these systems, you can save yourself a lot of money by living farther from these hubs.
  •  A big yard. All of that open outdoor space may look tempting at first glance. However, ask yourself how often you’ll really be using the yard. Do you have pets or children that will play in it? Will you do any outdoor entertaining? If not, the cost and time spent on lawn maintenance and landscaping may not be worth it.
  •  A top school district. Some parents will pay top dollar to send their kids to specific schools—and to live in the best school districts. If you don’t have or plan on having children while living in this house, you may want to do a little research into school districts during the homebuying process and avoid the areas where costs are highe

  • Amenities you won’t use. Whether it’s a built-in wet bar or a double oven in the kitchen, the cost of these amenities are reflected in the home’s final price. Ask yourself if you’ll really take advantage of these features before committing to the purchase.
  • More space than you need. While large living spaces and extra rooms are nice to have, will you really use them? Be honest with yourself—and save money on the price of a home, as well as on heating, cooling and cleaning costs, by buying a smaller home 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tips for hiding messes while selling a home



Under-bed storage. If there’s enough space under their beds, encourage kids to keep their rooms tidy with rolling plastic or rattan storage bins. Then, use an oversized comforter or quilt—or strategically placed blankets—to hide the bins from sight.

Built-in storage. It may be impossible to keep things from leaving kids’ rooms and entering the living room. Utilize furniture with built-in storage, such as ottomans, or clear a drawer in the entertainment center specifically to tuck away
any roaming toys, games and other items.

Baskets and trunks. If you don’t have much built-in storage or discreet space to take advantage of, consider buying decorative trunks or baskets with lids that you can place around your home.

Suitcases. If you need to store toys in the back of a closet, put them in suitcases that you can easily roll and move rather than bulky plastic bins. Suitcases are also a more discreet storage option than bins when buyers glance inside the closet to gauge how much space is available.

Donation. While your kids may feel attached to every toy, stuffed animal or plaything they own, it might be time to downsize the collection. Suggest that they start a donation pile, so that their unused items can bring joy to other kids instead.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends 

 According to a survey from meal kit delivery company HelloFresh, 35 percent of millennials who own a home or are likely to purchase a home in the next few years said the kitchen is the most important room when it comes to the house hunt. But what features are trending? Here are some to look out for, in case you’re in the market to update your kitchen or are selling your home and hoping to attract more buyers: 
  • Stone countertops and tile backsplashes. While granite is still the frontrunner for countertops, marble and quartz are also growing in popularity. Meanwhile, interest in tile backsplashes has been growing steadily.
  • Stainless steel appliances. Perhaps unsurprisingly, stainless steel continues to be the most popular look for appliances and one of the most searched-for keywords in relation to kitchen features.
  • Entertaining extras. While they may seem extravagant to some buyers, extra amenities such as wine fridges, double ovens and outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity for those who like to entertain.

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