Wednesday, April 17, 2019


5 home features THAT MIGHT BE A WASTE OF MONEY  

 When looking for a home, there are always features seemingly everyone says you need. But by reconsidering those, you may save yourself a pretty penny. Here are five features to reconsider, especially if you’re trying to buy a house on a limited budget:

  •  Close access to mass transit. Regular commuters and people who don’t own cars might be vying for homes near public transit systems. But if you won’t be relying exclusively on these systems, you can save yourself a lot of money by living farther from these hubs.
  •  A big yard. All of that open outdoor space may look tempting at first glance. However, ask yourself how often you’ll really be using the yard. Do you have pets or children that will play in it? Will you do any outdoor entertaining? If not, the cost and time spent on lawn maintenance and landscaping may not be worth it.
  •  A top school district. Some parents will pay top dollar to send their kids to specific schools—and to live in the best school districts. If you don’t have or plan on having children while living in this house, you may want to do a little research into school districts during the homebuying process and avoid the areas where costs are highe

  • Amenities you won’t use. Whether it’s a built-in wet bar or a double oven in the kitchen, the cost of these amenities are reflected in the home’s final price. Ask yourself if you’ll really take advantage of these features before committing to the purchase.
  • More space than you need. While large living spaces and extra rooms are nice to have, will you really use them? Be honest with yourself—and save money on the price of a home, as well as on heating, cooling and cleaning costs, by buying a smaller home 

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