Friday, August 31, 2018

Ponce Inlet Oceanfront Homes

Ponce Inlet Oceanfront Homes

Do you want to come home to paradise everyday after work? These Ponce Inlet Oceanfront homes have easy access to all the attractions around the area, and a relaxing view to end the day! Click the link below to check out our amazing Ponce Inlet oceanfront homes!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Letting Emotions Win Over Logic

When Buying A New Home It Might Get A Little Tough To not Let Emotions Cloud Logic.

     Searching for, and buying a new home can be stressful at times. You might think it would be easier to pick something you know you don't really want and settle so you can get past the stress of it all.
     Buyers can get caught up in giving the "winning" offer, and end up over paying or waiving contingencies they'll later regret. A realtor should help buyers assess comps carefully when the are considering a property and set firm prices up front in the event of a biding war. To avoid as much stress as possible, look for a realtor that can manage your expectations and put things into perspective for you. You may not be able to eliminate the stress completely but having a good realtor can definitely make a big difference!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ponce Inlet Riverfront Homes

Ponce Inlet Riverfront Home

Looking to buy a relaxing riverfront home? Ponce Inlet is a beautiful place that has something for everyone! From Water sports, fishing and boating, to beaching, super restaurants and healthy living, Ponce Inlet is an incredible place to call home.  The unspoiled beauty is unmatched and you are close enough to enjoy all of the events of NASCAR and the surrounding beach communities. 

Click the link below to see amazing riverfront homes!
Ponce Inlet Riverfront

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Villages of Royal Palm

Homes for sale in The Villages of Royal Palm

The Villages of Royal Palm is an impeccable, maintenance-free lifestyle community in Port Orange, Florida.The gorgeous Royal Club is a highlight of this community with so many activities and events, residents often feel it is an extension of their own home. Enjoy leisurely bike rides, relax by the swimming pool, or find a quiet area with a good book. This community is also located in a great spot very close to shopping and dinning, along with being near A+ schools. The Villages of Royal Palm could be your home!

If you are interested in buying a home in The Villages of Royal Palm click the link below
Villages of Royal Palm

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Ten Year Home Maintenance Plan

The Ten Year Fix

Once your home hits the ten year mark, it is probably time for some home maintenance. Here are nine updates your home will benefit most from according to Zillow. 

Get new Carpet: After ten years it is likely that your carpet has rips, tears stains, and odors that won't come out even with a deep clean.
Replace the hot water tank: A water heater may not show signs before it leaks or fails, but after about ten years you should replace it before it's too late.
Update ceiling fans: If the fan's light bulb seems to burn out faster than normal it is time to replace it.
Buy a dishwasher: You'll likely get a more energy efficient model that will pay for itself over time.
Replace the garbage disposal:The average garbage disposal last about ten years because the blades will get dull.
Replace the washer and dryer: The average lifespan for both appliances is about eight years. replace them before problems start occurring.
Repaint inside and outside:There is no rule about when to repaint. It depends of where you live, but if it's been about ten year chances are it's about time to repaint.
Re-caulk the tubs, showers, and sinks:This is a simple update that you can do yourself.
Re-glaze the windows: Re-glazing the windows is easier and more cost efficient than replacing them.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

New Homes In Port Orange

Looking To Buy A Newer Home In Port Orange? 

Are you are looking for a new home in an A+ school district and to be close to beautiful beaches? Port Orange is a great place for families to grow and make great memories! Port Orange is the place to go for safe neighborhoods, tons of family activities, and A+ schools for every age, just around the corner!

  Click the link below to see newer Port orange homes built after 2010.New Port Orange Homes 

Related image

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Ponce Inlet Oceanfront Condos

Ponce Inlet Oceanfront Condos

Ponce Inlet is home to Florida's tallest lighthouse! Ponce Inlet also offers a marine science center with interactive exhibits, a boardwalk, observation tower and nature trails. Oceanfront condos in Ponce Inlet are great for those who want easy access to all the amazing actives this city has to offer along with beautiful ocean views!

 Click the link below for beautiful Ponce Inlet condos!Ponce Inlet Ocean Front Condos

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ten Questions You Should Be Asked

Ten Questions Your Real Estate Agent should Ask.

Good real estate agents will ask their clients a series of questions to determine if they are ready to buy! These are 10 questions you should always be asked before buying.


  1. Have you been in front of a good lender, and do you know what loan programs you qualify for?
  2. Are you in the military? You can qualify for a VA loan.
  3. What is your budget? What are you currently spending on rent? What would  you be comfortable with for monthly mortgage? (first time home buyers should not spend more than 25%-32% of their net income on housing.)
  4. Do you have any savings or family support for a possible gift toward a down payment?
  5. How long do you envision living in your first home?
  6. How far is a neighborhood from work or school?
  7. What do you need from the community in which  you want to purchase?
  8. Are you aware of the cost to maintain a home so that it retains its value? 
  9. How about utilities? Are you prepared for a water bill to water a large yard, or heating bills during winter months?
  10. What are your expectation from me?

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