Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Letting Emotions Win Over Logic

When Buying A New Home It Might Get A Little Tough To not Let Emotions Cloud Logic.

     Searching for, and buying a new home can be stressful at times. You might think it would be easier to pick something you know you don't really want and settle so you can get past the stress of it all.
     Buyers can get caught up in giving the "winning" offer, and end up over paying or waiving contingencies they'll later regret. A realtor should help buyers assess comps carefully when the are considering a property and set firm prices up front in the event of a biding war. To avoid as much stress as possible, look for a realtor that can manage your expectations and put things into perspective for you. You may not be able to eliminate the stress completely but having a good realtor can definitely make a big difference!

To get in touch with a realtor to help manage your expectations, and help take away stress from the home buying/selling process call Mark Card 386-566-8091

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