Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Home of tomorrow

The Home of Tomorrow

The future is now for homeowners, as more and more people are looking to smart devices to improve their everyday living. From thermostats, to fire and carbon monoxide detectors, technology and automation is getting more sophisticated. What’s the current state of smart technology, and where is it going? Here are a few new devices that can make your home a touch smarter.

  •    Laundry folding robot—The Laundroid from Seven Dreamers uses AI to sort and fold your clothes. Place clothes into a drawer at the bottom of the machine, and watch as it folds your wardrobe, along with being able to separate clothes for each family member.
  • Smart refrigerator—LG’s InstaView ThinQ has a touchscreen on the front of the fridge that keeps track of what food or drink you put in and take out. When you’re running low on a certain item, it even reminds you that it’s time to restock.
  • Interactive mirror—Kohler’s Vedera Voice Lighted Mirror has a built-in version of Amazon’s Alexa 
    *     voice assistant, so you can access important information while getting ready in the morning or preparing to go to bed.*   
  •   Intelligent security light—A floodlight with a two-way speaker and motion activated camera, Maximus is perfect for monitoring activity outside of your house. It detects movement up to 70 feet away and relays a message to your smartphone for instant alerts about potential visitors or trespassers.
  • Smart plumbing—Flo is a smart plumbing monitoring system that can tell a homeowner not only about leaks, but also water pressure, temperature and flow rate 

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