Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New Home Buyers' Stresses

Need Help Finding the Proper Financing?

Recently it was found that Florida is the state with the most frustrated borrowers. This is according to a new Home Buyer Reality Report. This report assessed the satisfaction of successful buyers and those who did not make it to closing. Florida showed to have high stress for buyers trying for mortgage approval. Also 1 in 5 mortgage applications are turned down in Florida.

It was also found that 41% of the applicants felt they did not know all of their options throughout the process. On top of that 42% said that the home-buying process was stressful, along with 32% believing it was complicated.

Seeing this data is worrisome for us as agents. We believe that as an agent we should help minimize the stresses of the home-buying process. For those looking to buy/sell make sure to go with an agent that does this for you.
At Mark Card Team we are here to ease the home-buying process. For more information check us out at MarkCardTeam.com or call (386)566-809. 

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