Tuesday, December 12, 2017

To D.I.Y or Not?

What to D.I.Y

The holiday season can be a hectic time with lots of spending, and when it comes to your house doing projects yourself can save you money. Doing projects yourself also give you pride because you did it with your own two hands. But there are some projects that you just have to call the pros for. Here are three common projects that Neighborly, a community of home experts, drew the line for:

Safe to DIY
Call a Pro
Patching drywall: Homeowners can easily cover small, nail holes in their walls. Make sure the wall is clean, then spackle the hole and sand it down.
Too much spackle or hole too big: If a hole has been spackled before or is bigger than a nail hole, it is best to call in an expert.
Cleaning an AC unit: Cleaning is essential for healthy and efficient air conditioning systems. Check the filters and change them when necessary. This will ensure the air is clean in your home and your unit is working well.
Repairing or replacing any HVAC unit: HVAC units are technical and require specialized tools. They also use a large amount of voltage, therefore call the experts on this one.
Repairing plumbing hardware: Items like seals, chains or clogs can become faulty, these are easily replaced or fixed. Also, if the toilet feels wobbly or seat comes loose, DIY kits for these are available with the parts and tools needed to repair them.
Remodeling renovations with plumbing alterations: Here permits are often needed to move or expand plumbing. A professional is familiar with these local permits and codes. A plumber is best to ensure the connections are done properly and correct.

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