Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Small Flaws that can turn away buyers

Small Flaws That Can Turn Away Home Buyers

Small flaws that you don't think about when selling your house can be the reason the buyer says "lets keep looking". According to the Residential Real Estate Council here are some things to consider before selling your home.

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Old electrical panels: Buyers will want it "up to code". Get bids from multiple electricians to try and get a reduced repair quote, or offer an amount as a credit in lieu of repair at closing.

Ripped window screens: Window screens will wear out over time, but tears should be taken seriously. Either replace them before listing or offer a credit at closing.

Kitchen walls: Many people prefer open kitchens. If you think your kitchen walls make if feel cramped and that's stalling your sale, consider opening it up yourself

Small closets: There ins't much you can to to ease these concerns, but try to make your closet look roomier by de-cluttering. 

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