Friday, June 29, 2018

Common Expenses For New Home Buyers

Common Expenses For New Home Buyers 

Here are some expenses to consider when buying your new Port Orange home.  Buyers often overlook important items when searching for a new home.  As the Port Orange home experts, The Mark Card Team has some advice on those hidden costs. Here are some average costs to consider when making your home buying decision:

*As reported through Florida Realtor Magazine
  • Bedroom furnishings: $635
  • Window covers: $215
  • Sofas: $724
  • Living room chair and tablas: $687
  • Dining room and kitchen furniture: $345 
  • Other Furnishings: $1,172
  • Outside additions or alterations: $2,106
  • Lawnmowers and yard equipment: $515
  • Washer and Dryer: $575
  • Computer systems: $300
  • Other appliances: $1,704
  • New fencing: $270
  • New pluming fixtures: $150
  • Other upgrades and repairs: $1,203
                                               Total: 10,601

To get more information on how much it would cost for your new home contact Mark Card (386)-566-8091 

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