Tuesday, June 26, 2018

5 DIY Basics

When you own your home, there is no landlord to go ask for help or fix a problem. So Realtor.com recommends homeowners learn to handle these basic problems:

Change the HVAC filters
    - Replace this quarterly to keep your air system running well and cut your energy bills
Cutting the water supply
    - Find and tag the shut-off valve when you first move in. Then you can easily find it and turn the handle 90 degrees when it needs to be turned off.
Unclogging drains
    - Learn about chemical drainers and drain snakes. The chemical drainers may work, but a drain snake is also a good option.
Resetting a circuit breaker
    - To do this just open the panel cover and find the breaker in the "off" position, then flip it "on."
Clean gutters
    - These need to be cleaned annually or every two years to avoid debris build-up that can trap water. Trapped water can seep into your home and cause thousands in damage.

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