Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What to Pick in an Agent

When selling a home the sellers want the to be sure they are picking the right person for the job. According the the 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, generally customers are looking for guidance through the process, marketing skills, and negotiation skills.

But there's more to specific things consumers value the most. These include:

  • Having a thorough plan for their home
    • Sellers want to be presented with a plan that can get their home market-ready as soon as possible
  • Being problem solvers
    • Problems will always arise when buying or selling, thus an agent must be able to find solutions to the problems with little stress on the customer. 
  • Having strong customer service
    • Real estate is constantly dealing with sellers and buyers, and any agent must have the skills to please the consumer.
  • Being there through every step to ensure all the work gets done
    • Buyers and sellers want an agent who will be there through every step of the process, and who will explain and help them understand all the necessary steps.
  • Listening to exactly what a buyer is looking for or seller is needs
    • An agent should understand what their customer is wanting so they are able to meet all their expectations
  • Being knowledgeable in the area and the inventory
    • Buyers want an agent to know the area so that they are able to find the best home; sellers want an agent that knows the area so they can price and sell their home fast.
Our team wants to help buyers and sellers have the best experience, and therefore we highly value these traits. We would love to help you! Check us out at www.MarkCardTeam.com or call at (386)566-8091. 

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