Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yards with Big Appeal

Lawn Staging

Not everyone has the lush and sprawling yard, and not everyone dreams of the big backyard. So don't count out the smaller outside areas. It can be even be easier to make smaller spaces more charming. There are tips that can make any outdoor space, from balcony to backyard, make a bigger statement.

  1. Watch the scale- Decluttering is crucial for outdoor spaces, as it is the rest of the house. You do not want to overcrowd your space. The placement and size of plants is very important in smaller yard spaces. Make sure your trees or plants don't block the architectural features of your home. Also keep garden statues and ornaments to a minimum.
  2. Set a focal point- Outdoor spaces often benefit from an attention-grabbing feature. These include a water fountain, outdoor fireplace, or just a restful nook in a compact garden. 
  3. Outdoor reflections- A trick borrowed from interior designers, hang an outdoor-friendly mirror on an exterior wall to reflect light and make spaces feel more open. Be mindful of what you are reflecting, make it greenery, not a bare wall.
  4. Go for the vertical- Taller plants can add height to areas. A spiral topiary by a front door can accentuate the space. For height, prune your plants to grow vertically, rather than out. Also, vertical wall planters can add to the space and plant height; consider using containers of ornamental grasses. 
Outdoor spaces can be a great selling point to a home, and no matter the size you can make it feel more charming. Adding a appeal to your yard can take just a few steps. 

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